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Our Services

Slow Performance
Is your computer’s performance slow? We can speed up your machine with a variety of fixes including memory upgrades, spyware and virus removal, system optimization, and thorough cleanings. There are a couple different methods:

Clean Install
We can wipe your computer clean and start fresh. We will reinstall your current operating system and do all the updates.

System Tune-Up
A complete optimization of your computer will clean out all of the virus and spyware with noticeably increased performance. You will not lose any of you data with a tune-up.

Turns on, but doesn’t boot up
If your computer continually restarts itself, freezes, or doesn’t completely load into the operating system, this usually indicates a crashing hard drive. However, this type of problem can be caused by other problems such as bad memory or a failing motherboard. We will diagnose this problem for you and suggest a remedy. The cost of this repair varies greatly so we suggest bring you computer to us for a free diagnostic, at which point we can get you an exact quote.

No power / doesn’t turn on
This symptom usually indicates either a problem with the power supply or the motherboard. Most often this is caused by the power supply in a desktop computer and usually the motherboard in a laptop. Motherboard replacements are often expensive and time consuming while power supply replacements can be performed while you wait. If you are experiencing this problem, please bring your computer to us and we’ll perform a free diagnostic to determine exactly what is wrong with the computer and how much it will cost to repair it.

Noisy Hard Drive
A noisy hard drive usually means you hard drive is failing. Stop using your computer immediately and bring it in to us.The more you use your computer, the greater the chance of losing all your data.

Randomly shuts off / overheating
If your computer randomly shuts off this usually indicates a heating problem. This could be caused by a failing fan, a weak hardware component, or simply a loose screw. Bring your computer or laptop to us and we’ll perform a free diagnostic and provide you with an exact quote.

Cracked laptop screen
The screen inside your laptop is similar to a plasma screen and just as expensive. If your computer was made within the last 4-5 years this repair should be worth doing. If you own an older machine you might want to give us a call before you bring it in. Repair costs will vary greatly depending on your specific screen, so bring it in and we’ll give you a quote!

Loose laptop power jack
A loose power jack may seem like an inexpensive repair, but unfortunately it takes us a good amount of time to take your laptop completely apart and re-attach the jack.

Dim laptop screen
In this case either the bulb in the screen has gone bad, or the inverter board that powers the bulb has gone bad. These repairs are often simple and completed with 48 hours. Like all repairs, bring your laptop to our store for a free diagnostic and an exact quote.

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